Diane and Wendy Miller are always up to date on both new and timeless styles of interior and exterior design.  After they figure out your style and what you envision for your home, they can give you suggestions on the details and guide you through the process of picking out each part to flow nicely together. They won't push you to go with current trends if that is not your style, but they may remind you of the things that will impact your homes re-sale value.

What's popular now is a modern-farmhouse feel, with lots of white or light neutrals and natural accents like neutral wood tones. All white kitchens are very popular with marble-looking countertops, white or two tone cabinets (Upper and Lower or Island different). Opened floor plans, high ceilings, light colors and large windows to make your home seem larger. Think 'Light and Bright'.

There are so many design elements that go into your home that can be overwhelming if you don't already have a specific vision in mind. So many design factors may be difficult to make flow together unless you are an experienced designer that knows the products available in the area. Diane and Wendy are very familiar with the businesses in the area and know their product style, quality and price range to better guide you to fit your style and budget.

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